"I moved to the area and went on-line to get a contractor. I am so glad I chose Blue Rose since they provided everything I wanted and more. They ran my complex project (complete home renovation) while I was at work and I received a very competitive deal with no hassle. Jered is honest and hard working and I am very pleased with the job done. I would refer them to anyone and am lucky I chose Blue Rose."Joe  - Peoria

"​I have had the opportunity to experience the work of the Blue Rose Home Improvements on a major master bathroom remodel during the month of April 2011 and submit the following:

The first thing that came to mind in my due diligence and RFP process was to locate a list of experienced contractors. After a long search and narrowing to a short list of four extremely qualified potential craftsmen I ended up selecting Blue Rose. One big name in bathroom remodel specialists which came to quote on our project submitted fancy design plans (even though we had our own) and then never returned calls and disappeared for no reason. The other two candidates while both were highly interested showed poor details when asked for their approach to handling our complex scope of work. Only Blue Rose took the time, and several times, to come by the house to ask detailed questions and reduce to a written plan in Gant chart form how they would execute our desired plans.

Picking a team to do such work is difficult when the landscape of contractors is cluttered with those that have experience but no concern for communication. Or those that have experience but you wouldn’t trust around your pets let alone your home and family. Then there are those that talk boldly but haven’t a clue how to organize themselves. Lastly, we believe most contractors have a responsiveness problem putting personal issues or getting the next job done ahead of finishing the one at hand. Not Blue Rose.

Blue Rose Home Improvements has a team of genuinely nice, polite, skilled, responsive and trustworthy craftsmen. They often worked long days to stay on schedule and always asked for our input to be sure our opinions were heard throughout the process. Additionally, many times the team offered some very creative ideas to enhance our remodel and / or to lower the expense. And we always enjoyed their respectful treatment of our home, even in the middle of a messy remodel. 

Of particular appreciation was having a licensed general contractor that would not compromise the integrity of our home by cutting corners. One example is how Jered had his team fully remove an electrical line that was no longer needed by tracing it back properly, and to code, rather than capping it off and hiding behind drywall which easily could have saved them time. Details and care.

We would be happy to discuss our full experience with Blue Rose Home Improvements anytime. Trust is a hard thing to find in the world of trades that don’t do what they say. Fortunately, Jered Van Houten humbly convinced us to let his team prove his work. His promise was always “We won’t be done with this project until you are completely happy.” And this was something he and his team demonstrated through their care for our home and pride in their work each day. We truly enjoyed the team even though it was a long project and our home was disrupted by the work, but certainly not the team.

You would be wise to strongly consider this team for you next project. Detail work or not, this team came through in a big way. But probably what was most impressive about this team was their willingness to speak up-share and even show a passion for the outcome like it was their own home."

Andy & Lauri  -  Scottsdale

"Jerrod is very professional and responded to my need to have my roof leak repaired and drywall fix very quickly which made me extremely happy. The people he works with to help with the repairs were all very nice and did a great job. Thanks Jerrod for all your help! "Sheri - Peoria

"Two bathrooms were remodeled by Blue Rose. The crew did a great job and went out of their way to minimize inconvenience to us. Our project was delayed by slow delivery of bathroom cabinets. Although the delay was annoying the cabinet quality and the excellent job of matching existing cabinet design and finish, to us, made up for the wait."

Richard L.  -  Cave Creek

"​The on-site crew was easy to work with and very respectful of the property."

Dave L.  -  Tempe

"One of the best companies I have ever worked with regarding quality of work, professionalism."

a Neighbor in Scottsdale

"Great job. Good to work with Jered Van Houten who is responsive and helpful."
​Friderun - Peoria 


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